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A Single Source of Truth

The typical problem for Private Capital Markets.

Within front to back-office systems, countless reports are generated every day. The problem is that information is often duplicated across these systems with no ability to tell which version is the truth. This makes it hard to see and believe the meaningful key insights.

What often happens now.

A huge amount of time and effort is applied to meticulously reconcile and then validate data. This is a significant waste of resource and, more than that, reports often still contain conflicting data.

The Connect solution for creating a single source of truth.

Connect allows organisations to create an ecosystem where data is extracted from the numerous platforms into a central database. This central repository can then become the single source of truth. Data validation, duplicate removal and data integrity is ensured with appropriate process controls. This allows for high-level reporting to be drawn together using data from multiple sources and provide clients with a 360 degree view. Reports can aggregate across multiple business lines or dig deep into the data for more granular insights, all the time safe in the knowledge that the underlying data is accurate and dependable.

The key impacts that Connect has.

Data Integrity

Connect’s entity management solution maintains clear referencing points and full data legacy across all platforms.

Process Control

Our entity automation allows for consistency of data and reference points across every single integrated platform.


Utilising enterprise level technology allows for a highly scalable approach that maintains integrity and quality as an organisation grows.

Let's Connect.

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