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Reducing Platform Clutter

The typical problem for Private Capital Markets.

Across our work with clients, we are increasingly seeing a common key issue, platform clutter. This is the accumulation of redundant or zombie accounts that are maintained across numerous platforms that facilitate access to a single data point for different teams.

What often happens now.

People want access to more and more data and usually the easiest solution is to provision additional licenses. Over time these accounts become redundant or sparsely used whilst the cost and management time spent on provision and maintenance accumulates. Connect helps to solve this.

The Connect solution for reducing platform clutter.

Connect’s integrated ecosystem allows for data to flow directly from platform to platform without the need for databases in-between. This reduces the costs and the complexity of the problem. Now someone in the deal team can see the latest valuation or fund performance figures directly within their native CRM platform without having to log into another platform.

The key impacts that Connect has.

Ease of Access

Your users can obtain the information they require directly from the platform they are most comfortable using.

Data Integrity

Each platform becomes its own data master. This maximises the intended purpose of the platform, with Connect sharing and maintaining the data seamlessly between various platforms.

Cost Reduction

Connect completely removes the need to maintain zombie accounts and the associated costs that these come with them.

Let's Connect.

If you’d like to understand more about how Connect can work for your business, just get in touch. We can talk you through it and even provide live demos.