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Pipeline Automations

The typical problem for Private Capital Markets.

Systems and procedures within Private Equity platforms are often siloed and built to work independently. As such, our work and experience in this area has found that more often than not, transfer of information between these systems gets reduced down to a manual process, creating data integrity and quality issues.

What often happens now.

If we take the simple example of a deal being originated in the CRM. As the deal progresses through the pipeline it’ll need to receive signoff from the investment committee and if successful assigned to the allocation team, working in a different system. A clear disconnect is present as without manual intervention, all the data is stuck within the CRM.

O r igination T e am I n v est m ent C ommi t t ee Allocation T e am

The Connect Pipeline Automation Solution.

Connect’s innovative automation feature solves this issue of a disjointed pipeline and inadequate entity management. Our solution monitors the lifecycle of an entity created and maintained in the CRM platform and triggers notifications for key stakeholders or creates linked entities in downstream systems. The result is a unification of the entire deal process, making sure that the flow of critical information is not hampered.

The key impacts that Connect has.

Full pipeline automation

With Connect, the need for manual replication of tasks is completely removed. This helps mitigate potential errors and reduces versioning issues.

Data Integrity

Each platform becomes its own data master. This maximises the intended purpose of the platform, with Connect sharing and maintaining the data seamlessly behind the scenes.

Let's Connect.

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