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FX and Benchmark Automations

The typical problem for Private Capital Markets.

Given how diversified allocations and transactions can be, it’s surprising that most front-office and back-office systems do not come armed with an easy solution for FX and Benchmark data ingestion. In order to automate the process, Private Equity businesses typically have to develop custom integrations that often add significant time and cost.

What often happens now.

Private Equity businesses usually have an external FX source, so the solution is normally to manually input rates into a CSV file which is then subsequently imported. This is time consuming, open to human error and a waste of valuable resource.

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The Connect Solution for FX and Benchmark Automations.

We wanted the experience to be seamless. Connect allows firms to quickly ingest into their system, data from for example, their existing FX provider. Our connectors will do all the hard work and automatically feed data to where it is needed.

The key impacts that Connect has.

Full Automation

Connect removes the delay in getting live FX rates into the relevant platforms and systems.

Data Integrity

Connect mitigates the chances of erroneous data, often caused by time-consuming and error prone manual copy and paste operations.

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Connect is highly scalable, allowing Private Equity businesses to add or remove currencies at the touch of a button and without incurring additional time and costs.

Let's Connect.

If you’d like to understand more about how Connect can work for your business, just get in touch. We can talk you through it and even provide live demos.