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Enhancing LP Data

The typical problem for Private Capital Markets.

LP’s deal with an ever-increasing number of reports, often in different file formats that make it difficult to bring together and produce meaningful and useable insights.

What often happens now.

Quite simply, time is wasted. It takes a huge amount of time to collate all this data into one report that works for all teams across the organisation.

A study in 2019, “The State of Data Discovery and Cataloging” by Alteryx found that data professions waste on average 30% of their time on finding, protecting and preparing data.

Average time wasted by data professionals to find, protect or prepare data.
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The Connect Solution.

Connect has a series of connectors that have been specifically designed for LP’s, allowing for easy digestion of PDFs, flat files and other human readable formatted data. These are then automatically pooled with in house data sources to give a complete 360 degree view.

The key impacts that Connect has.

Data Integrity

Connect’s entity management solution maintains clear referencing points and full data legacy across all platforms.


Efficient document collection and data extraction processes ensure that information is always available. And always usable.

Let's Connect.

If you’d like to understand more about how Connect can work for your business, just get in touch. We can talk you through it and even provide live demos.