Overcoming the challenges of API Integrations

Experience and history tell us that implementing integrations within a business can be challenging, no more so than when working with external APIs. While integrating with APIs offers unparalleled advantages to accessing and consuming data, there are many difficulties and pitfalls that companies must navigate for an ultimately successful integration. It’s one of the reasons why we built Connect. Here, we briefly explore how Connect can help overcome some of those specific challenges.

Industry Specific APIs

No API is identical, with each one tailored to the underlying system. These nuances mean that each system a business is trying to integrate with requires a level of bespoke implementation. With Connect, this is hugely simplified with our industry focused connectors. These provide instant access to the platforms most used in the Private Capital markets.


Vendors commonly update and change their APIs. If left unnoticed, this results in broken integrations and disruptions to pipelines. Connect monitors the vendor release cycles and supports seamless migration to new API versions, reducing disruptions to integrated systems.

Error Handling

When errors occur, APIs typically respond back with complex error messages that are intended for developers. Connect addresses this challenge by providing meaningful error messages and logging mechanisms, streamlining the process. Users can quickly identify and resolve issues, thereby improving system reliability.

Performance and Scalability

Integrations are usually developed in stages. This means that significant planning is required to understand what architecture is required to support the overall solution. A common issue faced is that as the scope develops, initial choices no longer offer the performance or resources required. Connect being an iPaaS solution means that our architecture is designed to scale with your needs, ensuring reliability and performance across all integrations.


As the implementation of an integration develops, it’s essential to test the progress without affecting end users. This is commonly achieved through multiple environments which can become difficult and expensive to maintain. Connect offer users a development environment to perform the required testing, as well as the provision for additional environments if needed.


Connect has been designed to ensure high uptime and consistent performance, minimising disruptions and maintaining smooth operations.

In Conclusion

Connect has been designed to address the most common pitfalls of API integration. With our industry-focused connectors, version handling and other advanced features, Connect empowers businesses of all sizes to easily overcome API integration challenges. With Connect, businesses can unlock the potential of seamless data integration and do more with their data.

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