Case Study

A simple integration.

Who was the client?

Our client is a US based LP.

What was the issue?

Our client wanted to build a data warehouse in Snowflake with data being extracted from DealCloud, their CRM platform. Having a lean IT structure, the firm had no appetite for a reliance on black box solutions where they would have no access to or understanding of or maintaining manual integrations that slowly become unmanageable.

What did we do?

We knew that Connect was the right fit here as it offered a fast deployable solution that most importantly our clients would own. As per usual, we start our process by engaging with the business to understand their overall goals, how they want to get there and where we can best offer our support.

In this case, the solution to the problem was quite simple. As Connect is cloud based, all we had to do was setup the client on our platform, get the client up to speed and then provide technical and advisory help where required.

The technical path.

Step 1

Setup the client onto the Connect platform.

Step 2

Provide initial training and documentation to get the client up to speed.

Step 3

Client goes live within a week, with our teams providing support during the process and on an ongoing basis.

The project in a picture.

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Progress to date.

The client has successfully completed their initial phase of building a reliable pipeline and extracting data from DealCloud into their data warehouse. We work in tandem with our clients, listening and developing our product to better meet their needs. We’re continuously taking stock of what platforms are being used by our clients and adding those to our list of connectors.