Connect and Market Data Integration

Connect has been developed to address the challenges that man Connect transforms how private capital firms manage and utilise market data, turning it into a strategic asset that drives more effective deal sourcing, due diligence, and investment strategy development. Find out more here.

Connect as an Entity Management System

Connect has been developed to address the challenges that many Private Capital Market firms experience in how they handle their data. We show how Connect acts as an Entity Management System, bringing significant business benefits, including automating manual processes, eliminating risk and saving time. Find out more here.

Overcoming the challenges of API Integrations

Experience and history tell us that implementing integrations within a business can be challenging, no more so than when working with external APIs. While integrating with APIs offers unparalleled advantages to accessing and consuming data, there are many difficulties and pitfalls that companies must navigate for an ultimately successful integration. It’s one of the reasons […]

Case Study: FX and Benchmark Automations

It has only been a week since we began working with our newest client and we are pleased to report that we have already finished the latest implementation of Connect. We have migrated, tested, and integrated our way into production thanks to the flexibility of our data integration platform. We thought we would spend two […]

Taking legacy systems and processes into the future

The rapid evolution and growth of the private capital markets has accelerated the demands and opportunities faced by sponsors and allocators. But technology enhancements and digital transformation can drive significant and meaningful change. Our latest infographic looks at what you can do and how we can help. You can find it here.